3D Puzzles @ PHA

We held another laser-cut 3D puzzle build with puzzles from Robotime, this time with 3rd graders at The Parke House Academy. The students built the ROWOOD series sharks, sea turtles and sea horse puzzles. For the first session, the students worked in pairs to build a single puzzle, then they swapped places to build another…


We would like to thank ROBOTIME for their generous donation of 3D wooden puzzles and miniature dollhouses to be used in upcoming activities! ROBOTIME manufactures creative light wood 3D laser-cut puzzles and other products for all ages. They produce various lines of products with different themes: animals, vehicles, timepieces, dollhouses, etc. We have used the…

Harbor Freight Donation

A big THANK YOU to Harbor Freight for their recent donation, which which we were able to acquire various materials including safety goggles, ball peen hammers, gloves, 3D puzzles, drill bits, and VIP pricing going forward. We hope to host more hands-on STEM activities this year.

Python Art

Posted by Joe Del Rocco Here are some pictures created with the Python turtle library by my CS0 (pre-CS1) students at Stetson University. These students are learning programming and computer science for the first time, and 30% of them are in non-computing majors.