Halloween Pixel Pumpkin

One of our Parke House Academy students, Diego Amador, made us a pixelized pumpkin for Halloweeen this year, on our Kano Pixel Kit. Diego has been programming with Google CS-First, which uses Scratch underneath. Kano’s programming IDE uses a very similar block-based interface, so the skills transfer!   * We know more students could have…

Teacher Appreciation

One of our Parke House Academy 5th graders gave us a handmade card and a hug today 🙂 Teaching is the best job in the world 🙂 Thank you to university volunteers Pablo Bernal-Alarcon and Mike Lillo for taking the time to help kids code!              

Parke House Academy 2017

We’ve been working with 5th graders @ The Parke House Academy this academic year. We’re mostly using the Google CS-First curriculum together with brief lectures on computer science. The kids are super pumped about making their own games each week! Many of them go above and beyond by completing the extra features at the end…

Hybrid Environments: A Bridge from Blocks to Text

Jeremiah Blanchard, one of our cofounders, presented his research on hybrid programming environments, those both block-based and text-based, at ICER 2017. Recall that we’ve used PencilCode, Scratch, Blockly, etc. with our students lately. Jeremiah also managed projects that extended PencilCode with support for additional programming languages and curriculum. Blanchard, J. (2017, August). Hybrid Environments: A…

OrlandoiX 2017

We will be @ OrlandoiX 2017 this August 19th-20th at Full Sail University in the Indie Pavilion. We will be showcasing some of the volunteer and development projects we’ve been involved in over the last year. We will also have some laptops setup with the free software we use to help kids learn computer science…

Otronicon 2017

We will be @ Otronicon this year. We will have a booth with computers setup with educational software, and we will be offering educational workshops. We will be explaining what we do and how you can help kids learning computer science and programming. Update: photos!

Science Fair 12/6/2016

Today we had the honor of helping judge a science fair competition at Rock Lake Middle School in Seminole County. They had 40-50 projects across a wide range of science topics. A big Thank You to Kimberly Casselman and Cynthia Hardy for inviting us!

Hour of Code 2015

Today we participated in Code.org‘s Hour of Code at Windermere Preparatory School. The students, about 50 kids ranging from 3rd to 5th grade, were mostly interested in the Minecraft project! A big Thank You to Kristin Weissman, Director of Marketing and Communications at Windermere Prep, for getting in contact with us!