3D Woodcraft Build @ OSC Spark STEM Fest

This year we are excited to share a 3D laser cut woodcraft project for teenagers and adults. We will be showing you how to assemble an intricate, retro-mechanical looking desk calendar and clock provided by ROBOTIME. All participants will take their builds home with them.

If you enjoy puzzles, especially 3D puzzles, as well as making things with your hands, you’ll enjoy putting this woodcraft project together. Patience is required, as the entire build may take a few hours, but we promise to get you started and give you a solid foundation in case you need more time after the event. We will also bring a completed project to help you understand how it all comes together. This event is recommended for participants 14 years and older.

Studies have shown that hobby projects like model assembly and woodcraft are healthy for our mind, reinforce problem solving and critical thinking skills as choices need to made with regards to the order, orientation, aesthetics, and functionality of the object being built. Reading detailed steps is required. They also reinforce fine motor skills as pieces are typically small and require regulated pressure to place accurately. Beyond this, a broad engagement in activities gives us insight into other processes.

These particular laser cut wood kits were donated to Cacti Council by ROBOTIME for use in STEM activities within our community. Over the past 15 years, ROBOTIME has given “ROLIFE” and “ROKR” different spiritual core, committed to unleash the passion of life with passionate, patient and imaginative players all over the world. They use safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, allowing friends and family to have a fun DIY experience.

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