Computing Series @ Winter Park Library

We taught a 3-part series on computing at Winter Park Library in April (14th, 21st, 28th 4-5:30pm). These talks were open to the public and took part in the computer lab. The crowd ranged from people with no computer experience at all to a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science! So we had our work cut out for us to keep it interesting :). It was very nice to given an all-encompassing talk about computing from historical perspective to how to write a simple “Hello, World” program in various programming languages.

A Brief History of Computing
Software, Programming, and Computer Science, Oh My!
Hello World: Writing My First Program

For the programming examples, we used simple online resources like W3Schools and, and wrote programs in Python and Java. We have various introductory videos on programming on our YouTube channel, as well as an explanation of the benefits of the programming language Rust for those with some experience.

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