3D Puzzles @ PHA

We held another laser-cut 3D puzzle build with puzzles from Robotime, this time with 3rd graders at The Parke House Academy. The students built the ROWOOD series sharks, sea turtles and sea horse puzzles. For the first session, the students worked in pairs to build a single puzzle, then they swapped places to build another puzzle (so everyone took a puzzle home). The puzzles are very lightweight and interesting looking. The pieces are well designed and smooth, and they come with a small square of sandpaper to cleanup any edges that need it. In the past, we have had the students paint some of the puzzles, though in retrospect it might be easier to paint most of the pieces before they are assembled, and then touch up details after assembly. Most of the builds were successful, but we think these are a little challenging for 8 year olds. We would recommend starting at age 9 or 10 and up.

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