We use a variety of resources to teach computer science and programming. We also build and release – online, for free – video lectures, slides, code, tutorials, etc. Our materials come from teachers, professional practitioners, and students of computer science and programming.

Existing Curricula We Use

Google CS First
CS First helps kids learn the basics of coding and computer science through creative endeavors (especially games and media.) Google has done a very nice job of wrapping MIT’s Scratch platform with tutorial videos, curriculum outlines, school club organization and metrics, etc. (grades 4-8)

Hour of Code
Code.org launched a very successful awareness event a few year back and has touched the lives of millions of people. They have connected very high profile companies and organizations to everyday students and teachers around the world. Many of their activities are very easy to get up and running in a short period of time, and provide a great intro to computer science and programming. (grades 3-12)

Code.org Unplugged Activities
The name says it all. We have used several of these activities as an introduction to CS topics, and the kids love them! They also work great when computer access is not possible for the day. (grades K-6)

Pencil Code
Pencil Code, originally created by a Googler and used in many Google-sponsored programs, helps students transition from block-based to text-based programming. The project has been extended by Cacti Council members and university students to support more programming languages and curricula. (grades 5-12)

Mozilla Learning Network
Free classroom activities for teaching kids how the Internet works. (grades 3-12)

A clean, easy to understand program for controlling a cute virtual robot. We’ve found elementary schools kids as young as grade 3 really enjoy controlling lightbot. (grades 3-8)

AP Computer Science Principles
We are familiar with the AP curriculums for computer science taught in the best high schools around the country. We are always happy and willing to mentor kids on these topics. (grades 5-12)

Lectures by Us

Programming: Some Context
Functions & Procedures

Videos by Us

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel for the latest.

CS Basics: OOP Objects (3:00)
Iterators (3:28)
Heaps & Priority Queues (13:55)
Tree Traversals (8:20)
Introduction to Search (17:26)
Dynamic Programming (17:01)
The Knapsack Problem (14:37)

Code by Us

Check out our open-source code on our GitHub page!


Amphibian, block-Java-block plugin
PencilCode Python variant, forked from the original PencilCode
Mistletoe, a MOSS GUI (Python)
Lounge Lizard chat client (Javascript)


Console Games (C#)
Buddy Bots, Doom 3 bot coding (C++, Python)
Adventures of Ana and Sebastian (C#, Unity) (Google Play)
Wiki Pics Trivia (Java, Android) (Google Play)
Also check out our published, free-to-play student games on Steam!


Android app examples (Java)
Linked List Class Project (C++)
Hash Map Class Project (C++)
Tree Traversal Class Project (C++)
Pathing Class Project (C++)


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We are always looking for more materials, ideas, and volunteers!