First Place @ I/ITSEC 2019

Congratulations are in order for Bishop Moore High School students, Marcus Lisman, Patrick Snider, and Liam Sy, who won first place at the Future Leaders Pavilion at I/ITSEC this year!

Congratulations also to Sharon Dearman, their computer science teacher, and UCF SMST Ph.D. student, John Sermarini, for mentoring the students.

The students developed and demoed a VR Test Anxiety Management Exercise (TAME) in Unity with the Vive. Their goal was to reduce stress for students (and adults) before taking an important test. The students did their research, consulting the school counselor, and performed a study to gather metrics. They also took a multi-sensory approach, by adding a beach chair, towel, umbrella, etc. to their installation, which made the experience all the more effective. We are very proud of the students and thankful for the opportunity to contribute.

Marcus, Liam and Patrick also presented at NCS and Team Orlando’s Student Day at the Institute of Simulation and Training.

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