Python Art

Posted by Joe Del Rocco Here are some pictures created with the Python turtle library by my CS0 (pre-CS1) students at Stetson University. These students are learning programming and computer science for the first time, and 30% of them are in non-computing majors.

Student Perceptions of Code Representation

Presenting at the IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages and Human-Centric Computing (VL/HCC) 2019 Text languages are perceived by many computer science students as difficult, intimidating, and/or tedious in nature. Conversely, blocks-based environments are perceived as approachable, but many students see them as inauthentic. Bidirectional hybrid environments provide textual and blocks-based representations of the same code,…

UCF Camp Connect

We had the pleasure of working w/ UCF Camp Connect this summer. Every year UCF hosts various STEM related camps, workshops, and activities for K-12 students. From their website: “Camp Connect is a week-long day camp that introduces students to a variety of engineering disciplines such as Electrical, Computer, Industrial, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Environmental, Construction,…

Ginger Leigh @ OSS

Local digital artist and musician, Ginger Leigh, spoke with the Girls in Coding Club (GCC) at Orlando Science School Elementary today. She presented some of her projects that she did for the Orlando Science Center, and presented an instrument with minimal coding in Processing.